Welcome to a different kind of website! We're still growing in to what the site will become. Most of all though, we're about fun! If you have any comments or suggestions or even if you're interested in writing a blog, send us an email rodge@therodge.com and be sure to check out the gallery and post on the Forums.

TheRodge.Com Blog

  • Kix

    If you can't listen to girl money and have fun, you're missing out. My buddy Charlie, who is about to marry one of the coolest women I know....he says he is friends with Whiteman...I've never met … more

Hunter's Recent Blogs

  • "Hey Hunter, when did you get here?"

    Today, June 21st, is the first day of summer. This fact has caused me to realize that June is nearly over. All of the big Summer Plans I had in April and May have not come to pass. During time spent … more

PMG's Recent Blog

  • Girls talking about their men

    Always cracks me up. When girls are talking about their boyfriends, husbands, etc. they mention the guy's name through the whole conversation. It's like:"So I was talking to Dave, and I said Dave the … more

CE Recent Blogs

  • Rain? What Rain?

    Yeah, so it's raining and probably flooding, but didn't you hear? JADED is playing at Uncle Jack's tonight and it's Cinco de Mayo! I don't care what the weather is, I'll be there. Why not join me? J, … more

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